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Population Group-Minor's and Students

Getting the appropriate support group, direction, guidance, understanding, structure, ethical reasoning, and focusing on a spiritual aspect of life can be difficult for minors and students seeking to discover themselves. The counseling provided can bring hope, and strenghten one's cognitive skills to reflect positive behavior for success. Students or minors under the juvenile system, must be given counseling, direction, and educational tools to empower themeselves to become self-sufficient and a productive member of society.


The Recovery Support Services, intergraded with the Relaspe Prevention, Spiritual Support, Individual/Group Counseling, Chemical Dependency, awareness of drugs, and alcohol have proven to be a valuable tool in the success path of recovery.  Utilization of the twelve step process has proven to be an effecive source for troubled teenagers and pressures of youth behaviors who wish to leave the past behind for a brighter future.  Counseling certainly is a viable source of the healing process.  Let our professional counseling staff with years of knowledge and experience bring a new era into your life.